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Senior Debt Finance

These transactions are generally funded via our strong partner channels. They reflect our ability to:

  • Act quickly, often having evaluated, structured, documented and funded transactions within a few weeks, whilst not compromising security, risk or due diligence requirements
  • Provide debt facilities, including senior construction facilities, beyond traditional senior gearing levels
  • Understand, evaluate, assess and mitigate risks and exit opportunities outside of traditional banking paradigms
  • Structure transactions incorporating collateral security and other credit enhancing mechanisms, enabling them to proceed where others were unable to do so

Mezzanine Finance

We provide mezzanine funding for development and investment assets. The funding is generally:

  • Short-to-medium term in nature, with clearly defined exits;
  • Supported by registered mortgages and personal and corporate guarantees;
  • Well secured by property assets; and
  • In partnership with high quality, experienced and capable counter-parties, builders and consultants.

Development Sales

We provide consulting services for Property Developers and other asset holders who wish to leverage our broad network of developers seeking to sell and acquire new sites both with plans & permits, as well as sites with no permits.

Grange Capital has their finger on the pulse of most developers across Victoria and Australia, and can assist with positioning assets for sale in front of such developers that traditional real estate agents cannot access.

Grange Capital Investment Fund

The Grange Capital Investment Fund (GCIF) is an investment vehicle that co-invests with the Shareholders, Directors and Management of Grange via our strategic partner Bass Capital.

Key Features

  • High yield investment (target 10% to 15% p.a. on deployed funds)
  • Smooth and stable investment experience, generally uncorrelated to volatile and uncertain financial markets
  • Project based investment so you can have full control of what you are lending to
  • Co-investment with Grange Capital’s & Bass Capital’s balance sheet, shareholders, executives and management
  • All investment administration managed by Bass Capital
  • Priority access to direct co-investment opportunities where capacity is available

We specialise in identifying, structuring and managing specialised and proprietary credit investments. Our investment approach focuses on providing credit solutions to mid-sized companies and real estate transactions operating in Australasia.

By leveraging our trusted network of professional advisors and local industry experts, we are able to gain critical industry and asset insights and identify a better class of investment opportunity. We primarily invest in fundamentally sound businesses and assets that exhibit solid collateral and managerial characteristics.

Our tactical approach to investment selection enables us to operate beyond ‘approved sector’ limitations and we are able to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by focusing on less crowded mid-market transactions. Our thorough and disciplined investment process which centres on fundamental credit analysis and the ‘Four C’s of lending’ (Character, Collateral, Cashflow and Conditions), ensures that our investments are optimally priced. And our significant network of private and institutional investors situated both locally and abroad enables us to provide fast, comprehensive credit solutions to borrowers in need.

Investment Principles

Our approach to lending our investments exhibit the following characteristics:

Capital Preservation
  • Highly selective investment criteria
  • Preference for credit investments with true senior debt features
  • Credit protection provisions (e.g. covenants, asset security, hard maturities) as standard in each investment
  • Clearly defined multiple exit strategies and multiple lender enforcement strategies
Tactical and Diversified
  • Dynamic sector analysis ensures we are not constrained by ‘approved sector’ mandates
  • Preference for growth sector investments, but event driven risk and special situations can be considered
  • Sector and borrower diversity
  • Mid-market lending supported by our unique origination network
Deep Due Diligence
  • Deep review of market industry dynamics and positioning within that market
  • Fundamental credit analysis of each opportunity
  • Rigorous review and negotiation of loan documentation
Capital Preservation
  • Partners with significant global mid-market lending expertise
  • Substantial local industry and market know-how
  • Broad network of highly experienced support professionals
  • Active management through to realisation

Grange Capital IMF Development Fund

Grange Capital maintains a mandate with a leading European IMF fund for deployment of investment in altruistic, farming, housing and other projects that benefit the community. The minimum loan size is 40 Million Euro for access to this fund and other criteria apply specific to IMF regulation.

Grange Telecom (G Telecom)

New Generation Ultra-Fast Network Solutions

Gtelecom was founded in 1999. Ever since its inception it has been serving communities with value for money, reliable network and high speed broadband. Gtelecom is a licensed telecommunications network carrier, focusing on providing the latest technology at cost effective prices. Without compromising on quality or service.

Why Work With G Telecom

As a developer, you’re at the heart of the projects that are shaping our country, so the decisions you make regarding telecommunications are vital.

With Gtelecom you can offer your customers the widest selection of communications providers and services possible. The Gtelecom network is maintained by skilled field engineers working nationwide.

But it’s not just the quality, reliability and reach of the network that makes it the obvious choice. Gtelecom believes it vital to share in depth knowledge of the products and services that people will use and an understanding of the wired data network that should be installed during construction. Gtelecom will assist you in delighting your customers by delivering a home/office that is ready to receive and consume the growing range of connected services over multiple devices.

As a developer, every decision you make is important – or it could result to wasting time and money. We’ll guide and support you on every step of the way. Together we can plan, design and build a network that gives your customers access to the very latest services offered by the widest range of communications providers.